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Amkco: Separation & grinding machines

AMKCO is based in the Netherlands, is specialized in vibrating screens & vibrating mills and offers a wide range of special units and systems to meet special separating and milling requirements.


  • 24/7 operation
  • very low maintenance cost
  • excellent service level
  • efficient down to 30 microns
  • test machines available

Amkco separator

The principle of the AMKCO vibra-screen is embodied in a pair of unbalanced weights which is capable of converting the motor rotation into a three-dimensional motion. By varying the lead angle between the weights, the product flow pattern and duration time on the screen can be adjusted. There are several screen-cleaning devices that enable the separator to run with extremely low down-times.

Amkco mill

The grinding mill consists of a grinding chamber and a vibrating motor. The former is a vertical cylinder filled with small pieces of grinding media. The material to be ground is introduced into the voids between the grinding media. All the energy from the vibrating motor is imparted directly to the grinding media without the necessity for intermediate gears, drives or clutches. The three-dimensional motion existing in separators triggers grinding with narrow particle size distribution efficient down to sub-micron with negligible product contamination and extremely low power consumption.

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