Efficient Industrial Design

Efficient mixing technology

We provide efficient mixing equipment for either wet or dry processes!

Mixers for the process industry

We offer you mixing systems for either mixing liquids with solids / liquids using VAK KIMSA agitators & in line mixers, or mixing of solids with AMIXON solids processing vessels.

Key facts:

  • wide application range
  • custom made solutions
  • design for very long operation time
  • sterile applications
  • product testing possible

Mixers for wet or dry processes

VAK KIMSA is seeking excellence in mixing operations since 1972, employing agitators and in-line mixers. Any mixing process which requires very long agitation times or very high power ratings, involves considerable difficulty in mixing or demands a high-quality end product, will entail the use of an in-line mixer. Therefore, when your process or product has high concentrations of solids, presence of hygroscopic solids, or short production times, you may have to apply an in-line mixer.

AMIXON produces a wide range of processing equipment including mixers, mixer-dryers, agglomerators and reactors. Amixon produces state-of-the-art processing equipment and mixers, and is a leader in the manufacturing of hygienic equipment. Clever-Cut GmbH, a division of Amixon, specializes in the precision cutting of steel using a high pressure water jet cutter. Using this method, Clever Cut has the capability to cut three dimensional components up to 10' x 10' x 20' within an accuracy of 0.004 inches.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any mixing problem you encounter.

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