Efficient Industrial Design

Our reference customers

PES products and services are used since 2005 in the following reference industrial cases.

Dairy industry

Arivia S.A.
Bizios S.A.
Epirus Protein S.A.
Kolios S.A
Macedonian Protein S.A.
Mevgal S.A.
Olympus Dairy Industry S.A.
Pittas Dairy Industries Ltd
Tyrbul S.A.
Tyras S.A.

Olive oil industry

Averis Em. G.P.
Agr. Coop. of Polygyros
Agr. Coop. of Theologos
Andronikakis S.A.
Voulana M. G.P.
Elaiolada Chalkidikis S.A.
Theochari olivemill Ltd
Liodentro olivemill Ltd
Chalkidiki Olivemill G.P.
Olivemill Polychnitos G.P.
Elaiourgia-Pyrynelaiourgia S.A.
Kamaraki An. G.P.
K. Chatzelis S.A.
Manos-Zerzelidou G.P.
Messiniaki Gi Ltd
Messiniaki S.A.
Moussas G.P.
Ecoenergy S.A.
Orpheas G.P.
Soulis Chaikalis Ltd
Sotirelis N. S. G.P.

Food & beverage industry

AGRINO - EV.GE. Pistiolas S.A.
A.P.S.I. Pindos
Bagatzounis Markos & Sons S.A.
Biofresh S.A.
Ecopharm Hellas S.A.
Falcon S.A.
Hedonut S.A.
Hellenic Fruits Juice S.A.
Hellenic Quality Foods S.A.
Hellenic Saltworks S.A.
Kouis V. & Co Ltd.
Nestle Hellas S.A.
Nireus Accuaculture S.A.
Olympic Brewery S.A.
Ovo Fresco S.A.
Sovimo S.A.
Tasty Foods S.A.

Health industry

Alpha Lab S.A.
Bio-check Int. S.A.
Diachel S.A.
DTCA Hygeia S.A.
Hellenic Spiroulina Network Ltd.
Mitera S.A.
Onepharma Α.Ε.
Pharmagnose Α.Ε.
TC White Cross Athens S.A.
Union of Mastic Producers

Metal industry

Alouminium of Greece S.A.
Elsa-Silgan Metal Packaging S.A.
Hellas Gold S.A.
Organometal S.A.

Industry of non-metallic ores

Devetzoglou Lime industry S.A.
Houdalas S.A.
Saint-Gobain Hellas S.A.
Technobeton S.A.
Thermolith S.A.

Engineering companies

Aktina Plan Ltd.
Antonelos & Co. Ltd.
Dolas Engineering Ltd
Efstratiadi Bros
Envitec S.A.
Geotherm Trade srl
Protein Engineering
Synelco Techniki PC.
Tesco S.A.
Vraykos S.A.

Other industries

Agr. Coop. of Nestos
American School of Classical Studies
Geoponiki S.A.
Kalimbassieris Maritime
Nitrochem Ltd
Soloi Inc.
Teofert S.A.
Veneti Bros P.G.
Yachting Protection Ltd.