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Reliable portable moisture instruments

We offer reasonably priced & accurate ACO moisture instruments!

Quick moisture analysis

We provide portable devices for quick moisture determination that can be used in the fast quality control of raw materials on the truck, in reception, at the supplier or in the field.

Key facts:

  • no maintenance needed
  • non destructive method
  • calibration curves for many materials
  • measurement is down to 50mm depth
  • exceptional operating reliability
  • test units available

How they work

The ACO sensor in the plate of the instrument makes a high-frequency capacitive measurement of dielectric shift εr of the product, enabling calibration to a moisture content in mass percent.

There are special portable instruments suitable for grain (corn, wheat and many other species), paper, biomass, wood pellets. They are pre-calibrated enabling accurate results within few seconds.

Portable instruments

The instruments available have following options:

  • internal storage of measured values
  • measure the whole grain
  • 100 or 300 g sample size

Therefore do not hesitate to contact us for any moisture application may appear.

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