Efficient Industrial Design

Efficient grinding plants

We provide efficient grinding equipment for demanding needs!

Grinding mills for the process industry

Our milling program comprises of Amkco vibrating mills and Jehmlich various milling systems. Depending on product's characteristics and the customer's processing needs, the final mill can be a simple, one-step mill with minimum automation or a multi-step mill containing sophisticated processing and safety automation.

Key facts:

  • 24/7 operation
  • very low maintenance cost
  • modular design
  • excellent service level
  • grinding test possible

Grinding mill selection

An Amkco grinding mill is selected in case of special inorganic material. Such mill is efficient down to sub-micron and is converting the motor rotation into a direct three-dimensional motion.

Pre-crushing is performed if needed with swing hammer mills and roller mills. Pulverising and fine grinding can be achieved with many different types of milling elements. Impact crushers are the key parts of modular grinding plants. We use detailed project planning for the grinding plant which is specific for customer and product.

Apart from the here-listed grinding mills, we can solve your grinding needs with new product testing. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us for any size-reduction problem you encounter.

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