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Reliability analysis

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Reliability analysis

Reliability is the probability that a system or product will perform in a satisfactory manner for a given period of time when operated under specified conditions. PES can help you analyze a system (piece of equipment, complete process line, product, etc.) and identify the most frequent causes of failures. The malfunction could be initiated by non-suitable machinery for the application, a technological snag, a wrong operational action, and many other reasons. Together with you, we can increase the design life of a product, reduce the likelihood of failures, and reduce process downtime. In this way, you can also improve workforce and maintenance planning, the spare part inventory management will run smoother, and you will increase the customer service level.

The main reliability measures are reliability (the probability that a process will perform between time 0 and t), and the availability (the probability that a process will perform at time t). These are expressed in indices like MTTF (mean time to failure), MTTR (mean time to repair), MTBF (mean time between failures). Since the strength of a chain is characterized by the strength of its weakest link, we can help you strengthen your complete process chain. Also, when needed, PES can assist you investigate what will happen if you operate a component outside its normal design mode (Hazard and Operability Study) so that a safety and reliability assessment of new systems or modifications to existing ones is generated.

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