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We have new solutions in olive oil production

We provide efficient separation systems for waste treatment in oil mills !

PES Solutions in the olive oil industry

We offer reliable and efficient solutions for edible oil process industries, from specialized support in a specific process area till the design of a new process line from scratch. Most important, the solutions we offer is not simply the installation of a piece of equipment. Our engineering team will first visit you on site, take into consideration all special requirements of the project and process and specialize the proposal according to your specific product needs or business expectations. In particular, for olive oil production we present the following proven solutions:

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Details revealed:

During olive oil production, there is inevitably a waste water produced which has black color and lot of suspended solids. When using an Amkco separator we get rid of the suspended solids and, in addition, fresh olive paste can be produced.

Direct benefits

  • Removal of suspended solids makes effluent handling much easier
  • up to 15% of olive paste (containing 8-10% olive oil) can be directed to pomace
  • In evaporation process we have no fouling or precipitation
  • Water can be recycled in decanter feed
  • Water can be used for watering olive plants

Black water filtration

We apply continuous de-watering of olive oil pomace with Amkco separators and the results are:

Direct benefits:

  • Kernel fraction also removed in top-deck
  • pomace mass reduction by 15-25% (kernel plus water fractions).
  • The pomace at the end is close to 3-phase pomace
  • Installed power < 2kW !
  • Easily adjust de-watering capacity !

Olive pomace de-watering