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Efficient separation systems

We provide reasonably priced & efficient separation equipment at a great service level!

Separation of solids & filtration of liquids

AMKCO Screen Separators are compact production machines which make mechanical separations according to particle size through proven use of multiplane inertial vibration techniques. They are designed and built to solve the most difficult classifying, separating and de-watering problems. One to five screen surfaces are superimposed to yield up to six fractions. Screen opening can be from 2" down to 625 mesh (25 microns).


  • 24/7 operation
  • very low maintenance cost
  • excellent service level
  • efficient down to 30 microns
  • test machines available

How it works

The principle of the AMKCO vibra-screen is embodied in a pair of unbalanced weights which is capable of converting the motor rotation into a three-dimensional motion. By varying the lead angle between the weights, the product flow pattern and duration time on the screen can be adjusted. There are several screen-cleaning devices that enable the separator to run with extremely low down-times.

Other separation options

Apart from Amkco screen separators, we can solve your separation needs with:

  • rectangular separators
  • screw-presses
  • complete multi-step separation systems
  • Laboratory separators

Therefore do not hesitate to contact us for any separation problem you encounter.

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