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Reliable moisture sensors

We offer reasonably priced & accurate ACO moisture sensors!

In-Line Process Optimisation with moisture transmitters

We offer an accurate moisture measuring system from ACO (Germany) which provides operation reliability and excellent performance at a very reasonable price.


  • no maintenance needed
  • measurement independent of the material properties
  • measurement is down to 150mm depth
  • exceptional operating reliability
  • moisture signal can be used for control
  • test units available

How it works

The ACO sensor makes a high-frequency capacitive measurement of dielectric shift εr of the product, enabling calibration to a 4...20mA signal output value giving the moisture content in mass percent. This signal is driven directly to the plc, or PROFIBUS network.

The ACO moisture sensors are used in the concrete, glass, ceramic (brick, clay, etc.), food (flour, chocolate, etc.), pet-food, chemical (e.g. fertiliser), pharmaceutical, metallic or non metallic ores industries and many more.

Installation options

The sensors have various options available like:

  • MMS or fully digital DMMS sensor
  • signals from up to 16 sensors collected in one pc
  • average function available from 2-3 sensors
  • Portable instruments available

Therefore do not hesitate to contact us for any moisture application may appear.

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