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Efficient dairy solutions

We provide special solutions in the dairy industry !

Solutions in the dairy industry

We offer reliable and efficient solutions for dairy process industries, from specialized support in a specific process area till the design of a new process line from scratch. Most important, the solutions we offer is not simply the installation of a piece of equipment. Our engineering team will first visit you on site, take into consideration all special requirements of the project and process and specialize the proposal according to your specific product needs or business expectations. In particular PES can provide this vertical market solutions like the following:

Dairy solutions revealed

We have installed successfully many AMKCO vibrating separators for recovery of cheese fines remaining in the whey after cheese production. This separator recovers typical from 1 to 3 kg of cheese from every 1000 kgs of whey! Apart from this obvious gain that gives you very fast return on investment, the other benefits of successfully filtering your whey with Amkco vibra-screen separator are the following:

Direct benefits:

  • 1 to 3 kg of cheese from every 1000 kg of whey
  • much smaler operation cost for the fat separators
  • better whey quality
  • easier whey membrane plant operation
  • Better efficiency of plant hygiene

Amkco whey separator

Cheese fines recovery

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Whey cheese production

Efficient production of whey cheeses that need quick draining like ricotta. The use of an Amkco separator enables the dairy to produce quickly, safely and efficiently with less personnel needed whey cheese at 90° C.

Milk clarification

An Amkco separator has already been used as efficient and low cost milk clarifier alternative prior to pasteurization.

Processed cheese production

During production of processed cheese, the Amkco separator is used for screening of melted cheese from impurities usually contained in cheese.

Screening of grated cheese

During production of grated cheese, the cheese is screened and oversized product is returned to the grating process.

Filtration of cheese brine

During recycling the brine in cheese production, brine is usually UV treated for sterilization. UV process efficiency is badly influenced from fine particles which are removed by a fine screen of an Amkco vibra-screen separator.

Safety screening of dry ingredients

When raw materials are used in the process, they are screened for foreign particles with an Amkco vibra-screen separator.

VAK KIMSA focuses its activity on manufacturing agitators, in line mixers and complete mixing facilities. We provide mixers and agitators that are most efficient to handle all solids that need to be dissolved or dispersed in a liquid medium

Key facts:

  • custom made solutions
  • design for very long operation time
  • product testing possible
Batch solids dispersion

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