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Easy to clean conveyors for solids

We provide efficient conveying equipment that are easy to clean!

Conveyors for the food industry

We are focusing in solids conveying systems that are easy to clean and have low maintenance needs. We can supply you three different types of special conveyors: vibrating conveyors, vacuum conveyors and aeromechanical conveyors. Each one has unique conveying properties; they both share convenience in operation and cleaning.

Key facts:

  • wide application range
  • custom made solutions
  • design for very low maintenance needs
  • specialized for food and pharma
  • product testing possible

Solids conveyors

Vibrating conveyors are used instead of conveying belts due to easy cleaning of the conveyor, the low maintenance needed and the accurate dosing of materials. Such vibrating equipment is used for conveying, inspection or dosing in a broad range of industry types.

The Floveyor was invented in 1960 as an economical way to move peanuts. It is now used world-wide to move most kinds of powders and granules - from cocoa beans to tea leaves. The Floveyor is inexpensive to operate, has a long life, uses a simple but unique principle and there is very little degradation of the product it moves.

Volkmann systems are particularly well-suited to dust-tight, segregation-free and damage-free powder handling under vacuum. With features such as “No-Tools” disassembly and easy cleaning, as well as designs conforming to cGMP standards, air-driven Multijector® vacuum generation and ATEX certification for explosion-proof applications.

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